caramel n co




I've always loved Mel's cocktail dresses, her personal sense of style, and her passion for living life! We became fast friends and I've seen how she has grown to be such a hot mum today!
I've worn several Caramel & Co. dresses for my shows, and Mel was my stylist for my second album Fallin, where she put together a few looks for me, and designed a fuchsia dress for me that could be worn in multiple ways, (with a detachable shoulder accessory and train) that was featured in my Fallin music video. 

It was a foregone conclusion that Mel would create my main wedding gown - and also my mum's dress for the night as well!


She is experienced, easygoing and always a little ahead of the trend, so it was easy to choose a style we both thought would be perfect for me.


A huuuge tulle gown I could  sink into when I sat down, was something I always wanted, so that was easy to decide. I didn't want a sweetheart neckline for sure, so we researched and discussed for an alternate neckline.


There were times where I had doubts about my choices, wanting to pinch at the waist more, bring the waistline higher, change the neckline etc... but in the end I trusted and went with Mel's suggestions, and everything turned out  perfect!



Earlier I had also done a shoot with Mel for her cheongsams, and one particular cheongsam was a minimalist, modern design with chic red piping. Amidst my wedding preparation, I had forgotten about my tea ceremony dress and almost didn't want to have one -  but I remembered this particular  white cheongsam - and decided to go for it!


Mel added a beautiful lace cutouts as accents for  the otherwise plain cheongsam, and it was perfect for my chunky gold 四点金gifted by my parents-in-law. I had picked out 龙凤 drop earrings, a dragon ring, a gold bangle and a rather thick gold chain that would be perfect  for a modern-day outfit anytime!


My mum had very specific ideas of what she wanted to wear for my big day, so instead of trying to pick one off a shelf, it was easiest to tailor one for her.


Mel's suggestions of dark gold lace accents on her navy blue dress was elegant and classy, and my mum was really pleased with the result!