it was march 2005...



Alfred and I were both guest singers at his launch -

I sang 新不了情, he sang 你比从前快乐!

PS. Peter is now vocal percussionist and leader of MICappella


We went for supper and karaoke as a group,

and we got together shortly after in March 2005. 


That was also the year I started touring as a backing vocalist, in August 2005 with David Tao!

Alfred was a National sprinter at that time as well,

so we were constantly traveling.


We saw each other grow,

me to being a solo artiste,

him to being a coach and founder of Reactiv

Collage I made in 2006... those were the days without collagemaker LOL

Circa 2008...


We didn't have the habit of sharing about us dating on social media,

 we got together before Facebook was born!




I think one of the reasons why we stayed strong for so many years is

we were always growing, developing, 

striving to be better, 

and we were lucky to be blessed in exciting careers 

that didn't allow us to stagnate in any way. 


And we always spent time together, 

making sure that we grew with each other, 

and not apart. 

Falling in love is easy, 

but staying in love is... something else. :)


So we met at Peter Huang's EP Launch, at the Old Parliament House in 2005.