. tokyo - ideally yours .
. korea - wonkyu studio .
. singapore - labelle couture .

I know, I know!

3 photoshoots are definitely abit overboard, but I can explain myself :p


The first one in Tokyo was definitely not part of the plan! 

And by THE plan i mean MY plan of course. 

I had always dreamt of being photographed in my favourite city,

not just for a pre-wedding shoot, but to have candid shots of travelling, eating sashimi,

basically having a ball of a time.

My man planned this as part of the proposal surprise with Ideally Yours... 


Well, but he said it will only happen once in 10 years so... :p


The next shoot in Korea was sponsored by Wonkyu,

and who doesn't want to look like a Korean superstar (!!!!!)?

The gown selection and studio sets were so beautiful,

it was hassle-free and pretty much perfect.


Labelle Couture was one of the best in the business in Singapore, 

and they have dressed me for many events,

including the ASEAN Concert for the Queen of Thailand's birthday in 2012. 

So when I saw their gowns, I jumped at the chance! 

Alfred and I also wanted to have stadium shots since track and field was his first love :)



So here goes... :)